Why I Became A Parent Coordinator

In the world of problems, maybe none are more worth solving than those that plague children and families. For the last 20 years, I have dedicated my practice to solving these problems by counselling parents, children, and families and assisting them through high-conflict challenges.

In March of 2013, the Family Law Act changed in a really exciting way whereby it now is rightly focused on the best interests of the child and makes it possible for families to work with a parental coordinator who has judicial authority to make legally binding decisions. This alternate dispute resolution allows for a more efficient and effective process so that children of high-conflict families are not stale mated. While Parenting Coordination is a relatively new concept, my decades of clinical practice have, without any pre-determined intent, given me significant depth of knowledge in this realm, specifically preparing me to assist these families and children in need. I am very excited that finally, the courts have provided us with the tools to help you successfully co-parent children with someone with whom you largely disagree.

My Approach

I view Parenting Coordination as a way parents can prioritize their children by reducing conflict. I take a child-centered focus, always keeping the children’s best interests in mind and acting as their advocate. Unfortunately, because children are not always completely honest with their parents for fear of hurting their feelings or getting in trouble, I allow children to contact me on their own initiative, generally without charge to the parents.

While, as a counsellor, I have had extensive experience in facilitating very adversarial co-parents in reaching consensus, that is not always possible through mere counselling. As a parenting coordinator, I am excited that my child development experience can assist families out of deadlock with decisions that reflect the best interest of the child.

Curriculum Vitae